USC Civic Engagement Booth Schedule

Schedule of Events | Booth 701


Saturday, April 12

10:30 am Oliver Mayer “Big Dog on Campus”

11:30 am Romal Tune “God’s Grafitti”

12:30 pm Lalo Alcaraz – Cartoonist (Poster of his work)

1:30 pm Piccolo Books “Chocolate Princess”

2:30 pm Jervey Tervalon “All The Trouble You Need”

4:30 pm Hiram Sims “Photoetry”


Sunday, April 13

10:30 am Stephen Hodges “The Magic Poof”

11:30 am Stephen Hodges “The Magic Poof Finds a Friend”

12:30 pm Susan Straight “Highwire Moon”

1:30 pm Piccolo Books “Chocolate Princess”

2:30 pm Erin Aubry Kaplan “Black Talk, Blue Thoughts